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The New Rules of Lifting for Women

In order to knock me out of my increasing exercise rut, I actually started following a program.  No, it’s not some drink-only-juice-and-run-8-miles program.  (I swear, if I have to hear one more person talk about how good for you the Master Cleanse is…)

We were at Leo’s dad’s house, and his girlfriend had a copy of “The New Rules of Lifting for Women” on the bookshelf.  I had heard tons of reviews through the blog-o-sphere a few months ago, and was curious as to whether the book was actually useful.  She invited me to borrow it, and I took it home that night.

The book is incredibly interesting.  Written in a very no-nonsense tone by Lou Schuler (who used to write for mainstream fitness magazines) it talks about how women have been shortchanged by the idea that we can’t lift heavier weights because we’ll “look like a man” and so have been relegated to the “Barbie” weights.

He goes over the scientific processes behind muscle-building and weight lifting, busting the myths behind words like “tone” “shape” and “sculpt.”  He then puts forward an exercise and healthy eating program, based on the idea that building muscle is a good thing, and that in order to do so, you have to actually eat the number of calories you need (hint – it’s probably more than 1,200 or whatever the diet magazine says this month).

He also goes on a number of asides about how ridiculous the fitness magazine industry is, and the tricks they use in order to increase sales.  It was very eye-opening, even though some of it you already suspect.

I started the program on Monday, and am attempting to follow the workout schedule completely.  The first day was a little weird, as the workout didn’t look that hard, and was shorter than what I’m accustomed to in the gym.  But it felt good, didn’t make my knees hurt, and gave me a good afterburn of soreness for a few days.  We’ll see how it goes!


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I discovered today that they use different sized needles to give different shots.  I hadn’t noticed this previously, because I make it my mission to not look when needles are coming at me.  But I got three shots today, and I could feel the difference…which was a little creepy.

Apparently, when you get the MMR vaccine as a kid, a lot of times the Mumps portion of the vaccine doesn’t interact with your body correctly and you don’t develop any immunity to Mumps.  The same thing happened when I got the Hep B vaccine, so I had to get that one again too.  And then I had to get my second booster for the HPV vaccine.

My parents vaccinated us on a normal schedule when we were young (as far as I know).  We didn’t get flu shots when we were younger, but we got everything else.  I started getting flu shots every year while I was in college, mostly because there’s nothing worse than being sick somewhere where you have to walk all the way downstairs just to have to make yourself some food.

I know there’s a lot of debate out there about vaccines, especially about the HPV one, since it’s new.  And while I haven’t read lots of studies or positions on it, I did decide to get it when I went for my physical in January.  Because seriously?  If I can get a shot that might help me not get a certain type of cancer, I’m totally down.  Plus, I tend to not react much to vaccines, so I have no past history of reactions to worry about.

Three shots in one day wasn’t bad.  Leo was there to hold my hand and make funny comments.  But they only gave me two band-aids.  What’s up with that?

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Earthquake Water

I have very little to say, as I have started off my Sunday night with 2 shots, chased with grape/pomegranate/blueberry juice (fantastic).

We just completed a marathon shopping trip to Henry’s, Costco, and Vons.  It wasn’t marathon according to how much we bought, just according to how many stores we had to drive to.  We went to Henry’s because they were letting you buy 10 pounds of potatoes for 98 cents (!).  Costco was for olive oil, tuna, and two cases of earthquake water (water in case the Big One hits CA and we are left without resources).  We’re putting a case of water in each of our cars, and one in our apartment.  We then went to Vons for more alfredo sauce and pasta for dinner.

We spent the entire day cleaning the apartment, and it looks pretty good!  We’ve finally gotten everything we want to donate out of the house and into my car, with the exception of the TV that is sitting on our porch.  I really need to call the Salvation Army and get them to come pick everything up.

Work tomorrow…I think at 9pm.  I’ve been spending all weekend looking at course descriptions for grad school.  I just sent in my official letter of acceptance on Friday, and I can’t wait to finally start.

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Vampire Mondays

This morning, I woke up at 6:30.  This was not due to choice, but due to someone calling my phone TWICE.  It was a wrong number.  I get between 10 and 12 of these a week, looking for Quality Loan Service.  It seems that the number for Quality Loan Service is 1 number off from mine, and apparently about 10-12 people per week are unable to dial the number correctly.  Usually, they dial it incorrectly about two or three times in a row.

Sometimes I even get messages asking me about certain houses that are foreclosing.  If your agent can’t figure out that they’ve reached a personal cell phone when they hear my message, you definitely have the wrong agent.

I woke up at 6:30 hungry, mostly because I knew I couldn’t eat until after I got my blood drawn at 10.  When I went to see my doctor in January, she told me that since I was “baby bearing age” she wanted to run a complete blood panel.  While I shudder at the thought of bearing babies at this point in time, I don’t think it hurts to see what’s going on in my blood.

Unfortunately it had to be a fasting blood draw, which means no food for 12 hours beforehand.  I solved this problem by having the blood draw in the morning, but my fiancée came along to drive me home.  He was a little surprised that I managed to walk out of the lab under my own power, as he would have either passed out or been on the verge of passing out after his blood was taken.

The woman taking my blood was extremely chatty, and made me nervous as she leaned around me to look at pictures on Leo’s cell phone while a needle was sticking out of my arm.  She was also explaining how she wants to get a bloodhound, and didn’t seem to realize how amusing it was to hear that while blood was coming out of my arm.

In short, passed blood draw with flying colors, and went to get a huge late breakfast at Mimi’s.  First day of new job tomorrow…hopefully it goes well.  And hopefully there are less crazy stories than at my last job.

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Just The Facts

I am a 23-year-old soon-to-be grad student, living in Southern California.

I live with Leo, who will soon marry me (who I will soon marry?) and 2 cats.  *edit: possibly now 3 cats*

I hope to become a librarian.

I read a lot.

According to some people, I watch too much TV.

According to me (some of the time) I think way too much.

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