I discovered today that they use different sized needles to give different shots.  I hadn’t noticed this previously, because I make it my mission to not look when needles are coming at me.  But I got three shots today, and I could feel the difference…which was a little creepy.

Apparently, when you get the MMR vaccine as a kid, a lot of times the Mumps portion of the vaccine doesn’t interact with your body correctly and you don’t develop any immunity to Mumps.  The same thing happened when I got the Hep B vaccine, so I had to get that one again too.  And then I had to get my second booster for the HPV vaccine.

My parents vaccinated us on a normal schedule when we were young (as far as I know).  We didn’t get flu shots when we were younger, but we got everything else.  I started getting flu shots every year while I was in college, mostly because there’s nothing worse than being sick somewhere where you have to walk all the way downstairs just to have to make yourself some food.

I know there’s a lot of debate out there about vaccines, especially about the HPV one, since it’s new.  And while I haven’t read lots of studies or positions on it, I did decide to get it when I went for my physical in January.  Because seriously?  If I can get a shot that might help me not get a certain type of cancer, I’m totally down.  Plus, I tend to not react much to vaccines, so I have no past history of reactions to worry about.

Three shots in one day wasn’t bad.  Leo was there to hold my hand and make funny comments.  But they only gave me two band-aids.  What’s up with that?


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