Update of Randomness

I am awake at a normal person hour on a Sunday…mostly because it is too hot to sleep any more.  Southern CA is having a “weather advisory” as they’re calling it online, but what it really means is that it’s just hot.

Despite the moaning, I really do love this time of the year more than any other.  It gets light early in the morning, it’s always warm, it stays light late at night (I have a thing about sunlight, can you tell?)

In workout news: I ditched the New Rules of Lifting experiment.  It just wasn’t taking me anywhere useful.  The exercises didn’t seem targeted towards building the kinds of muscle I’m interested in using (for dance primarily) so I’ve switched gears again.  I’m now following a program of my own design, involving long moderate cardio, short sprint days, yoga, pilates, and a few healthy doses of Jillian Michaels.  Although Bob Harper’s new workout videos look pretty amazing, and I may have to give them a try.

In cat news: we have another cat.  Leo picked him up as a stray.  He’s tiny, loud, and wasn’t neutered until we got ahold of him.  We’ve taken to calling him “new cat” but are still undecided about whether we’re keeping him or trying to find him a new home.  We’ve had o have the door to our bedroom shut permanently for about 3 weeks now, which really disrupts the flow of traffic through the house.  Hopefully we can let him out permanently soon, and the cats can get on with kicking each other’s asses in short order.

Must go get some breakfast and be a good monkey to start the day.  Wouldn’t want to waste a bit of summer!



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3 responses to “Update of Randomness

  1. The new workout routine sounds like a great plan. I haven’t seen Bob’s new video, but I am going to have to investigate now. I like him more than Jillian. Although I do love no more trouble zones!

  2. Leo

    I am a sucker for lost and wayward kitties. What can I say in my defense???

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