She Runs LA

Yesterday, Leo and I headed out to run our official She Runs LA run. I was feeling pretty tired after being sick for so long, and wasn’t positive I’d make the entire 10K distance. I’m sure the workout class in which I’d done 4 minutes straight of squats didn’t help either. 🙂

We started off our run, like good bloggers, with some pictures.

Jessica wearing pink She Runs LA tank and iPod armband

She Runs LA - the beginning

After squinting into the sun, we decided to take a few shots of our shoes. We’ve been running in Vibram Bikilas for about 4 weeks now, and we both have really enjoyed them. I used to have a lot of problems with knee pain after runs, but haven’t since I switched to the Vibrams.

Two pairs of feet wearing Vibram Five Finger shoes

Vibram Bikilas

Jessica and Leo wearing running clothing

Off to run!

We ran a 3.1 mile loop from our apartment, and finally checked out Runyon Canyon Park. We didn’t go far into it, but I can already tell I’ll enjoy training there. Killer hills!

I was having a rough run, and wasn’t really able to hit my stride, so I called it quits after 5K and took a nap. Leo went out without me and finished up a 7 mile run…one of his longest ever.

We headed off to the She Runs LA afterparty that night, of which I have no pictures, since cameras aren’t allowed in the Nokia Theater (which, doesn’t make much sense, when you consider I saw people taking pictures and video on their cellphones all night…) It was really packed, but they had some fun booths up where you could get your hair done, get a massage, etc. Not enough activities for the number of people who were there though, as there was a lot of grumbling when things closed down before everyone could get to them.

After the real party started, we got to see We Are Heroes, an all girl dance troupe who won America’s Best Dance Crew. They were amazing, and really what had drawn me to the show in the first place. We also heard about Students Run LA, a program that trains kids to run the LA Marathon, which looks like an incredible program.

While the event was fun, and in an awesome venue, I do have to take points off for a few things. Nike…painting all girls as liking shopping, pink, and texting…little bit of a turn-off after you’ve been telling us all how awesome we are for running. Plus, I just have to reiterate…Mike Posner? Really?Maybe we can get a woman performer next year? Or someone who isn’t known for a song telling a woman to shut up and date him already?

Despite not running the full 10K, I enjoyed participating in the event, and hope I can do it next year as well. It was good practice for Leo and my upcoming 10K…in training for June 5th!


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  1. Glad you were able to do this! Weird they wouldn’t let you bring a camera in and I totally agree with you about the people to activity ratio.

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