LA Times Festival of Books

After years of wanting to go, we finally went to the LA Times Festival of Books on Saturday!

Parking was insane, but we had a good time wandering through the gorgeous USC Campus trying to get our bearings. When we finally found the festival, we spent about 3 hours just walking through all the booths. We ended up with a few books, some free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and some tote bags.

After lunch at one of the USC dining halls (which I hadn’t been to in about 7 years) we went to the LA Times stage to snag seats for the Jillian Michaels talk.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jillian Michaels since I started watching The Biggest Loser, and couldn’t pass up a chance to hear her speak.

Jillian Michaels!

She told us some stories about various Biggest Loser contestants, and said that she might be starting up her own daytime talk show soon. She also talked about some of her own experiences in television and fitness, and at one point invited her mom on stage to have her answer a question from the audience.

Jillian Michaels and her mom

During the talk, Leo went to snag a good place in line for the book signing, as we’d heard there was a 400 person cap on the line, and we didn’t want to be there for 4 hours. Thanks to him, we were about 6th in line!

Waiting in line for the booksigning

I warned Leo that once we got to the front of the line, I was going to start grinning and babbling, which, I totally did. Luckily he did all the talking, and Jillian was extremely nice and personable. I can’t imagine having to meet 400 people, but she was so wonderful to everyone.

Yes, she's tiny, and her hair is as gorgeous as it is on tv

After we got our book signed, I walked away jumping up and down like a crazy person, and we spent some more time wandering the campus and surrounding area before we headed home.

Stopping to smell the roses

Leo at the Coliseum

It was such a fun day, and gorgeous weather! Yay California!


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