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Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 4 (January 22-28)

This week was dominated by rest days as I recovered from my King of the Hill induced cold. The run today was really painful, and I started it very apprehensive both about my ability to finish, and my ability to run a good 10K tomorrow. But by the end I was feeling like I’d found my groove again. We’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow.

Sunday (1/22): Sick Day

Monday (1/23): Sick Day

Tuesday (1/24): Sick Day

Wednesday (1/25): Sick Day

Thursday (1/26): Dance Class (1:30)

Friday (1/27): 5.6 miles in 1:20

Saturday (1/28): 6.7 miles in 1:20


Weekly Mileage: 12.3

Year Mileage to Date: 82.2


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Race Recap: King of the Hill 2012 – Mount Woodson

We started the morning at 6:20, since we were staying in Escondido and didn’t have to drive all the way down from LA. The morning was cold, I hadn’t slept well, and I did NOT want to get out of bed. Or get dressed. Or run a race.

We grabbed our go cups of coffee and headed out. Try as I might, I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast. We drove through the fog/drizzle to Lake Poway and checked in at the race site. We listened to the briefing for the Bad Ass racers (they carried 30-50 pound packs and all their own water) before they set out, and then we had a half hour to wait before we took off.

I was miserable. I was positive that I was going to get lost, die, be unable to finish, or be the last one across the line (strangely enough, all of these fears felt exactly as awful…yay type A!) I tried to talk Leo into changing our “racing alone” strategy to stick with me, but he gently refused and reminded me that I had signed up because I wanted a challenge.

Which is true. I’m trying to fail at more things, rather than not trying anything at all. But I didn’t expect a challenge to feel so scary. Lesson learned.

I ate a Larabar (chocolate chip cookie dough btw, the only flavor I really like), before pulling on my gloves and getting out of the car. It had started to rain, and I briefly thought about putting on my thicker shirt, or my fleece but decided not to. (I would think about this decision ruefully a little later).

We heard our briefing, then took off. I really focused on not killing myself too early on in the race. Basically, we raced up a mountain, then back down, with a few fitness challenge stops along the way. The worst one was definitely the station that started with 10 tuck jumps and 10 pushups, then 9 tuck jumps and 9 pushups, and so on down to 1.

We all slowed down a little when we got to steep switchbacks partway up the mountain. It was raining pretty steadily, and I was already soaked. But it was strangely fun to just keep trudging along up a mountain. I couldn’t see very far in front of me, or any distance off the mountain, since we were essentially inside a cloud. Gradually, I was all alone on the mountain.

I had been really worried that it would be too steep for me to handle (since I do not do well on actual “climbing”), but it was all do-able. At the top (where I later found out it was sleeting), we had to do 100 mountain climbers before heading down the mountain again. After my mountain climbers, I decided that my goal was to run the entire way down the mountain without stopping.

It was quite an adventure, as it was raining harder now, and I had to perfect a glasses wiping manuever that involved taking my glasses off with the least muddy portion of my gloves, wiping them on the back of my shirt (least muddy part), and then putting them back on. I did this probably every 8 minutes or so down the mountain. My arms were really numb at the top, and I started smacking them to get the blood flowing a little.

Despite all this, I was having a FANTASTIC time. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face, and I felt like such a badass covered in mud and sprinting down a mountain in the rain. That feeling only intensified when I was ordered to drop and perform 10 burpees in a mud puddle, before running up the hill to the finish.

I came down with a brutal cold later that day that I’m still recovering from, but it was totally worth it. Best run of the year so far.

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Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 3 (January 15-21)

I was so worried about King of the Hill that I wanted to go on a practice hike on Monday. It was so steep that it kind of freaked me out, but I was very happy when King of the Hill was less daunting.

Sunday (1/15): 4 miles walking in 50 minutes

Monday (1/16): 1640 vertical ft. of hiking in 3:30

Tuesday (1/17): Rest Day

Wednesday (1/18): 6.3 miles in 1:00.25

Thursday (1/19): Dance Class (1:30)

Friday (1/20): Rest Day

Saturday (1/21): 7 miles trail running (King of the Hill – Mt. Woodson)

50 Pushups

12 Lunges

100 Mountain Climbers

10 Burpees

50 Tuck Jumps

Weekly Mileage: 19.3 miles

Year Mileage to Date: 69.9 miles

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Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 2 (January 9-14)

I fit in a weights workout as early as I could this week to gear up for King of the Hill. It made me feel better mentally, but I don’t think it really helped at all during the race. A really good week.

Monday (1/9): Weights workout at UCLA

2 x 10 Back Lunges with 25 lb

2 x 10 Box Jumps

2 x :15 Single Leg Wall Squat

1 x :25 Wall Squat

2 x 10 Goblet Squat with 25 lb

2 x 10 Step-Ups with 17.5 lb

4 x 10 Pushups

2 x :30 Plank

Tuesday (1/10): 3.7 miles in 40 minutes

Wednesday (1/11): Rest Day

Thursday (1/12): 6 miles in 1:10, and 6 miles in 1:30

Friday (1/13): Rest Day

Saturday (1/14): 2.3 miles in 20 minutes

25 Pushups


Weekly Mileage: 18 miles

Year Mileage to Date: 50.6 miles

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Virtual 12athon: Month 1

Because I am insane, love a challenge, and want to run way too much, I decided to join the virtual 12athon, conceived by the brilliant Stet That Run. In short, the goal is to run 12 miles on the 12th of each month (adding optional diabolical challenges to gain extra points.)

I began this morning with this:

And began my first 6 miles before sunrise in my local area, as determined by, because there’s no way I know when the sun rises. Leo ran with me, despite only getting 1 hour of sleep, and we ran one of our usual 2.5 mile out-and-back routes, then tacked on a mile at the end for a total of 6.

After a breakfast of eggs and bacon, I grabbed my new coffee cup (yay!) and raced out the door to my internship, which was followed by a class on campus. After that, I headed out to run my second 6 miles, which turned into a loop and a half around the entire campus. (Note to other runners: don’t eat a kale salad before you go running. You’re welcome.)

I was really proud of myself for running most of my second 6 miles, because the route was really hilly, but really fun. My legs hurt less at the end than during my half marathon on the 7th, so yay for increased training.

I ended the run with this:

Sunrise and sunset in 1 day! Thus fulfilling the Sunrise/Sunset challenge. I also decided to document my footwear:

Thus fulfilling the Naturalist challenge. Also, rainbow socks, just because I’m cool.

The first 6 miles took about 1 hour 20 minutes, the second 6 miles took about 1 hour 30 minutes (I had to check 3 buildings for bathrooms…apparently they were all being renovated today.)

I’m so excited to keep completing challenges, and happy to have month 1 in the bag! 11 to go!


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Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 1 (January 1-8)

It’s really astonishing how much you end up working out when the other person who lives in your house is running every day. It’s almost impossible to not do something physical every day. I think this is my most active week in several months.

Sunday (1/1): 10 pushups, 1 mile of Tabata sprints

Monday (1/2): 10K run in 1:15

Tuesday (1/3): 2.1 miles of running in 22 minutes, plus 7 x 7 pushups (42 total)

Wednesday (1/4): 5K in 28:49

Thursday (1/5): Full body stretch (rest day) and 3 x 10 pushups

Friday (1/6): 4 mile run in 43:00

Saturday (1/7): 13.1 miles (Southern CA Half Marathon) in 2:27.03

Sunday (1/8): 5K in 40:00

Week Mileage: 32.6

Year Mileage to Date: 32.6

Seeing it written out makes me more tired than I already am! Ready for a new week 🙂

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Race Recap: Southern California Half Marathon

This morning, Leo and I ran the Southern California Half Marathon, held in peaceful Irvine, CA. The race was set up to have around 6,000 participants, but it was extremely well run and organized.

We got there about 45 minutes early, and were able to park relatively close to the start with no problems. We picked up our numbers, timing chips, and swag bags (which…are not that swaggy, and contain mostly advertisements for other races) and t-shirts. I used the port-a-potties, and proceeded to feel like my hands were dirty for the rest of the day thanks to the giant “NON-POTABLE” signs on the handwashing stations. Ew.

We chilled in the car for awhile, stretched, and drank some Gatorade/water. Leo carried our 12 oz. Amphipod the entire race, full of orange Gatorade.We also put the finishing touches on our outfits. Leo was wearing a coordinated outfit from Loudmouth Golf (his sponsor), and I was wearing a matching Loudmouth skirt. We kept track of the comments on our outfits during the race, we got up to 15!

We made our way to the start and hung out in the 10:00-11:00 corral. The race start was uneventful, and the roads were nice and wide, eliminating a lot of dodging. After about 3 miles the course moved to some riverside bike paths, which made passing walkers a little more difficult, but I never had to change my pace to accommodate anyone else on the course. I had to stop for a bathroom break around mile 5, but ran the rest of the race without incident.

I felt fabulous until mile 10, when I really started hurting. It was mostly my feet, but my IT band on my right leg was acting up also. Leo did such an awesome job of encouraging me through the last 3 miles, and we crossed the finish line with an unofficial Garmin time of 2:25.00. Afterwards, we hobbled back to the car, and I sat and stretched for awhile while we refueled with the drink of champions. (Actually, Monster Rehab is better, but you take what you can get).

I’ve been in a lot of pain for the rest of the day, but have been icing a ton, and stretching as I can move various parts. Mostly just drinking lots of water and eating lots of carbs. Tomorrow I’ll be waking up early to watch Leo run another 13.1 miles in his quest to run 366K in January! I’m so glad that I got to run one of his races with him this month, he’s my favorite running partner.

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