Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 1 (January 1-8)

It’s really astonishing how much you end up working out when the other person who lives in your house is running every day. It’s almost impossible to not do something physical every day. I think this is my most active week in several months.

Sunday (1/1): 10 pushups, 1 mile of Tabata sprints

Monday (1/2): 10K run in 1:15

Tuesday (1/3): 2.1 miles of running in 22 minutes, plus 7 x 7 pushups (42 total)

Wednesday (1/4): 5K in 28:49

Thursday (1/5): Full body stretch (rest day) and 3 x 10 pushups

Friday (1/6): 4 mile run in 43:00

Saturday (1/7): 13.1 miles (Southern CA Half Marathon) in 2:27.03

Sunday (1/8): 5K in 40:00

Week Mileage: 32.6

Year Mileage to Date: 32.6

Seeing it written out makes me more tired than I already am! Ready for a new week 🙂


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One response to “Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 1 (January 1-8)

  1. your a great inspiration keep up the good work ! That’s one intense week

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