Virtual 12athon: Month 1

Because I am insane, love a challenge, and want to run way too much, I decided to join the virtual 12athon, conceived by the brilliant Stet That Run. In short, the goal is to run 12 miles on the 12th of each month (adding optional diabolical challenges to gain extra points.)

I began this morning with this:

And began my first 6 miles before sunrise in my local area, as determined by, because there’s no way I know when the sun rises. Leo ran with me, despite only getting 1 hour of sleep, and we ran one of our usual 2.5 mile out-and-back routes, then tacked on a mile at the end for a total of 6.

After a breakfast of eggs and bacon, I grabbed my new coffee cup (yay!) and raced out the door to my internship, which was followed by a class on campus. After that, I headed out to run my second 6 miles, which turned into a loop and a half around the entire campus. (Note to other runners: don’t eat a kale salad before you go running. You’re welcome.)

I was really proud of myself for running most of my second 6 miles, because the route was really hilly, but really fun. My legs hurt less at the end than during my half marathon on the 7th, so yay for increased training.

I ended the run with this:

Sunrise and sunset in 1 day! Thus fulfilling the Sunrise/Sunset challenge. I also decided to document my footwear:

Thus fulfilling the Naturalist challenge. Also, rainbow socks, just because I’m cool.

The first 6 miles took about 1 hour 20 minutes, the second 6 miles took about 1 hour 30 minutes (I had to check 3 buildings for bathrooms…apparently they were all being renovated today.)

I’m so excited to keep completing challenges, and happy to have month 1 in the bag! 11 to go!



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3 responses to “Virtual 12athon: Month 1

  1. Those socks go really well with those shoes! Congrats on finishing the first
    “official” 12athon run!

  2. Leo

    You rock! Twelve miles is no joke, your going to really dial it in!

  3. Great job! Especially on those hills. And thanks for the tip on the kale salad… But you didn’t mention why? Lol!
    P.s. I love the socks! I have a thing for colorful socks so thumbs up.

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