Unbreakable: The Western States 100 @ the Santa Monica Public Library

Two of my favorite things: ultrarunning and libraries.

While in class one evening, I was surfing the web (yes, I multitask during class sometimes), and I found Anton Krupicka’s blog. I’d been hearing a lot about him, ever since Leo started his January experiment, since he’d done a lot of research into ultrarunning and ultrarunners. So I was curious to read back through some of his entries to learn about his training and mileage. I was scrolling through when I noticed that he’d written that he’d be in Southern California that weekend for a screening of Unbreakable: The Western States 100 in Santa Monica.

I’d heard about Western States through several running blogs, and I’d seen the trailer, but I hadn’t been paying attention to when the film was coming out. So I did a little internet digging and found a link to buy tickets to the screening, which just happened to be held at the Santa Monica Public Library.

As a library student, I’ve been hearing about SMPL since I started my grad program. It’s commonly looked upon as one of the best libraries in the area, and I was dying to take a look around. So I surreptitiously got my credit card and bought tickets (ok, that’s probably stretching the limits of multitasking during class).

It was a great event. We showed up early and wandered around the library for awhile. They have some cool shelves for their new book displays that really showcase the books, and are more inviting than regular shelving. I’d really like to see if they ever had older shelving, and compare the circulation numbers, because I’d bet money that the new shelving helps. The teen and children’s areas were also really well designed, with a top-notch collection and great technology integration.

The screening was held in an auditorium off the main library. We got started right on time, and the film was fabulous. Great soundtrack, great cinematography, and a good balance on the background of each runner and race footage. It was amazing to see people actually racing a 100-miler, as opposed to just surviving one.

The Q&A afterwards was also really interesting. The filmmaker answered some questions, and so did Anton and Scott Mills (Race Director of the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run, and ultrarunner in his own right). Unfortunately, there was no one to ask my questions to (seriously, what do other female ultrarunners do for underwear? sports bras? bathroom stops?) but I loved the general information nontheless.

I managed to space and forget that my iTouch is also a camera, so no pictures, but I definitely want to get a copy of the movie and watch it for inspirational purposes. Nothing like watching someone run 100 miles to make your 10K look like a piece of cake.


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