Virtual 12athon: Month 3

This post is late, because school ate my life. Normally, I’m not one to mind schoolwork, but all of my classes this quarter have been closer to drudgery than usual. A 20 page paper on Andrew Carnegie is not my idea of a good time.

But, with only 1 paper left due (not until next Thursday), I wanted to continue memorializing my 12athon efforts.

I had all sorts of crazy plans for this run. I had gone through several permutations of challenges, added up all the various point options, but after writing two papers back to back, and with the LA Marathon coming up this weekend, I decided that I would do just a straight 12 mile run. Although, I ended up being late to class, so I also claimed the Stung By Bees point bonus.

I took all my marathon gear for a last trial, including my new running shorts (Lululemon…the hype is for a reason), and my compression socks, which I hadn’t tested on a long run yet. Still not sure about the hat…hoping to find my black one.

The route was a two-loop course, totaling 13.27 miles. It was hard, but extremely energizing to realize that I could now get up before class and run a half-marathon if I wanted to. Very mentally helpful for marathon prep.

I also finally discovered DailyMile, and started logging all my running mileage on there. I mostly love it for the statistics and graphs…I live for gold stars from the internet.


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