My name is Jessica, and this blog is usually about running. Every so often, I will post about something that interests, bothers, or otherwise tickles me, usually involving feminism or atheism.

I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years, and loved practicing more than competing. Distance swimming was my niche, until I got tired of the endless miles and became a sprinter. After I quit swimming my freshman year in college, I ambled aimlessly through the exercise world, dabbling in a bit of everything. Dance, yoga, endless ellipticaling, jiu jitsu, free weights, kickboxing, exercise videos, weight machines, and no exercise at all. I’ve discovered that I love weight lifting and Crossfit-type exercise, but also that I really love running. I’m looking to train my way into the ultra distances, but who knows where I will end up?

In my free time, I’m a librarian who likes to read, and spend time with her husband and 3 cats. Excitement abounds!



One response to “About

  1. Laura

    Hi Jessica!
    Thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I am truly flattered and honored. Best wishes and good luck in all of your adventures.

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