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Summer Training Plans and Realities

I didn’t have any set training plan heading into summer. I knew I was going to lose access to my school gym, so I didn’t want to tie myself to a weights training plan that I couldn’t complete. And I didn’t know how well I’d handle the hot weather of summer (sweating is not exactly by best skill), or how much time I’d have to run with my summer job.

Luckily, not having a plan has worked out pretty well. I have kept my run mileage pretty steady over the past 5 weeks, and have even started to increase it a little bit. I generally pick a rough mileage for the week and keep track of what distances I’m running, but I don’t plan which days I’m doing which runs. I tend to focus more on monthly mileage, which I’ve gotten back up after it dropped in April and May during the end of grad school.

Summer Weekly Mileage

Summer Weekly Mileage

2012 Monthly Mileage

2012 Monthly Mileage

I also participated in the Runner’s World Run Streak from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, and managed to run (or walk) at least a mile every day during those days. But I’ve started to feel the effects of not strength training consistently, mostly in my knees and in my calves. The only strength program I’ve found that really seems to stabilize everything really well for me is The Female Body Breakthrough program, designed by Rachel Cosgrove. It focuses on heavy weights (for you), and low reps, and is pretty brutal. I haven’t made it all the way through the program yet, but her focus on hamstrings, glutes, and functional core training really seems to work for my running.

So my new summer plans are:

Start the Female Body Breakthrough program again, 3 weights workouts per week.

If I decide to run on weight days, stick to short sprints.

Increase run mileage gradually, hopefully peaking at 40-50 miles per week.

Start my 15 week training cycle for the Griffith Park Half Marathon on August 5th (I’ll post a training plan closer to the start date…it will include lots and lots of trail runs!)

Griffith Park Trail Run

Griffith Park Trail Run

It’s been really nice to not stress myself out about a specific summer training plan and just do what feels right in terms of temp and time.



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Workout Week Wrap-Up: Week 2 (January 9-14)

I fit in a weights workout as early as I could this week to gear up for King of the Hill. It made me feel better mentally, but I don’t think it really helped at all during the race. A really good week.

Monday (1/9): Weights workout at UCLA

2 x 10 Back Lunges with 25 lb

2 x 10 Box Jumps

2 x :15 Single Leg Wall Squat

1 x :25 Wall Squat

2 x 10 Goblet Squat with 25 lb

2 x 10 Step-Ups with 17.5 lb

4 x 10 Pushups

2 x :30 Plank

Tuesday (1/10): 3.7 miles in 40 minutes

Wednesday (1/11): Rest Day

Thursday (1/12): 6 miles in 1:10, and 6 miles in 1:30

Friday (1/13): Rest Day

Saturday (1/14): 2.3 miles in 20 minutes

25 Pushups


Weekly Mileage: 18 miles

Year Mileage to Date: 50.6 miles

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