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So I live in LA now.  Moving day was a horrendous ordeal, mostly because moving “day” looked something like this.

Friday: I come down with the flu, pack as many boxes as I can with a fever of approx 102.

Saturday: Pack more boxes while sick.

Sunday: Dude friends come and fill U-Haul with most of our furniture, and what boxes we have managed to pack.  Keep in mind that this does not include the kitchen at all.

Monday: We fill up a car and drive it to LA at night, after the traffic has died down.

Tuesday: We both have school, so we drive to LA, spend the whole day there, drive back to south OC.

Wednesday: Wake up at 8, spend entire day throwing things away and packing both cars.  I drive my car up, unpack, drive back down.  We pack both cars, drive them both up, unpack them, drive one down.  We realize eventually that there is no way we can fit the remaining stuff in only one car, and decide to make another trip.  We get in the (stuffed to the brim and full of cats/turtles) car to drive to LA, and realize that it’s 1:30 in the morning.  We drive through intermittent rain, arrive in LA, and I promptly fall asleep.  My fantastic BF drives back to south OC, finishes packing, and arrives back in LA around 8 in the morning.


SO.  We live here now.  Private Practice is currently filming a scene outside, and I drove to an interview at an off campus library this morning.  Our house is full of boxes, and something tells me that the water coming from my kitchen sink probably shouldn’t be yellow with sediment floating in it.


But despite all that, this place is pretty amazing.  Official LA living, here I come!


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Where to start?

It’s been awhile…I’d use the excuse that life got crazy except it isn’t true.  I stopped writing because life got boring, and it’s just now getting crazy again.

I have officially begun grad school.  The first week just ended.  And let me just say, this is the first time in my life that I have sat in a class and thought, “I better get a whole lot smarter before these 3 hours are up, or else I’m in trouble.”  The level of everything has gone up way higher, and it’s really exciting.  Although 2 classes on the nature of information and its relation to society are…trying.  Especially the readings.  So says the girl who whined about not having homework during the summer.

I’m also signed up for two ballet classes at the campus gym, and will hopefully (fingers crossed) be getting a job on campus.  Off campus would be fine too, but that’s obviously the second choice.

Currently, Leo and I are camping with friends.  Although, if we’re going to be completely honest, I am currently sitting in a Starbucks at an outlet mall.  Leo had a juggling gig, so we left the campsite, drove here, and will drive back up tomorrow night.  I got a Starbucks and a sweet pair of Gap leggings out of the deal, so it’s been a good night, albeit a good night with very little studying.

I expect to be writing a lot more, there will be a post on Los Angeles and its craziness soon.

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